15 miles

Артикул: 11980871
ISBN-13: 9780575093874
ISBN-10: 0575093870
Автор: Rob Scott
Издатель: Orion Publishers
Дата публикации: 2011
Обложка: мягкая
Число страниц: 368
Вес (кг.): 0.234
Размеры (см.): 20 x 13 x 2
Есть в наличии
738 р.
A gripping, fast-paced, epichorror-thriller that combines the best of both genressure to appeal to both horror and crime fansSamuel "Sailor" Doyle has transferred from Vice to Homicide in the Virginia State Police. He has a mistress, an alcohol problem, a prescription drug dependency, and a burgeoning self-loathing that alienates his wife and family. On Friday, July 3, the rookie investigator is assigned to a double homicide on a rural farm some 15 miles outside Richmond. One of the victims has been interred in a makeshift tomb, while the other is stuck half-in, half-out of a hope chest overflowing with cat litter; the farm is covered with dead bodiesdozens of cats, sheep, goats, cows, and one dead horse; and the mentally handicapped daughter of the victims, Carl and Claire Bruckner, is missing. Doyle soon discovers that Bruckner was a Marine captain who lost his leg in Vietnam thanks to the incompetence of his commanding officer, Lieutenant Colonel Robert Lakenow a Republican Party presidential hopeful, who will be speaking in Richmond the following evening. What Doyle fails to realize as he follows the various clues is that wherever he goes, he is spreading diseaseand not just any disease, but Yersinia pestisthe plague. Is the dead Marine planning revenge, even from beyond the grave?"


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