Catalog Book: Designs for Catalogs and Direct Mail

Артикул: 11138654
ISBN-13: 9781584710974
ISBN-10: 1584710977
Издатель: HarperCollins USA
Дата публикации: 2006
Обложка: твердая
Число страниц: 176
Вес (кг.): 1.387
Размеры (см.): 30 x 23 x 2
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1 220 р.
Catalogs, direct mail, and e-commerce websites are selling more products than ever before--more than $120 billion in sales annually. How can designers make their catalogs stand out from all the many, many others out there? "The Catalog Book" showcases an incredible selection of outstanding and innovative catalogs, direct mail pieces, and e-commerce sites that lead the pack in successfully projecting a brand image and selling merchandise. Full-color pictures plus brief, insightful commentary tell the story of great design and great marketing. Whether the client is selling electronics or earrings, sportswear or salami, "The Catalog" "Book" is the complete guide to creating cutting-edge catalogs that make a compelling statement to the consumer. * A must-have for designers who want to move merchandise and build brand image * The latest, most innovative catalogs, direct mail pieces, and e-commerce websites * Full-color pictures plus insightful commentary from a direct-mail expert


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