Now I Know

Артикул: 11723145
ISBN-13: 9780810983533
ISBN-10: 0810983532
Автор: Chambers Aidan
Издатель: Hachette Book Group
Дата публикации: 2009
Обложка: мягкая
Число страниц: 336
Вес (кг.): 0.376
Размеры (см.): 21 x 13 x 2
Нет в наличии, ожидается
744 р.
Now I Know is all at once a compelling meditation on faith and religion and the difference between the two and an intense love story.When a body is found hanging from a crane in a scrapyard, Tom sets out to investigate this strange case. Nik embarks on a research mission for a film about a contemporary life of Jesus. Then there’s Julie, a girl bandaged from head to toe and laid up in a hospital bed.These three simultaneous plots? presented through a combination of letters, prose, poetry, jotted notes, flashbacks, and puzzles are woven together into a provocative novel of mystery and self-discovery.Like the other books in The Dance Sequence, Now I Know can be read alone or as part of the series.


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